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Data Recovery


CheckAbout File Deletion Check

When you delete a file, the delete command only removes the reference to the file, but the file often remains available for recovery.

A book serves as a good example - imagine removing the chapter 8 entry from the table of contents without removing the actual pages for chapter 8. That's a simplified view of how the delete command works.

However, it's important to realize that once the reference is removed, the space that the deleted file occupies is marked as available. This means that when you write new data to the computer it will eventually overwrite the deleted file (thereby making recovery difficult or impossible).

That's the reason why it's so important to have us attempt recovery as soon as possible - it gives us the best chance at success.

Desktop Computer Repair   File Recovery - $65/hr
No matter the cause, we can attempt to recover your missing data.

check Call us now for the best recovery chance
check File privacy and confidentiality assured
check Free estimates are often available by phone

Desktop Computer Repair   Memory Card Recovery - $65/hr
CompactFlash, SD, MemoryStick, MMC, Thumbdrive, or built-in camera drives.

check Methods for all major memory card types
check Somtimes able to recover formatted cards

Desktop Computer Repair   Hard Drive Recovery - $65/hr
Missing files and folders from your computer's hard drive? We attempt recovery.

check Formatted volumes are no problem
check Recycle bin "deleted" files recovered
check External Hard Drives too!

Desktop Computer Repair   Floppy Disk Recovery - $65/hr
Unreadable floppies can be read, and partial data recovery is often successful.

check Yes, we've actually done it before
check Standard 1.44MB formatted disks

Desktop Computer Repair   CD \ DVD Recovery - $65/hr
Unreadable CDs often contain partial data available for recovery.

check Works with most scratched discs
check Advanced data recovery software
check Small scratches removed


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